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13 September 2017
Conservative Councillors standing down

In the run up to the Croydon Council elections on 3rd May 2018, a number of highly-experienced and dedicated Conservative Councillors will be standing down.

Cllrs Sara Bashford, Mike Fisher, Dudley Mead, Margaret Mead, Donald Speakman, Phil Thomas, James Thompson, Sue Winborn and Chris Wright will not be contesting seats in May’s election.

Cllr Sara Bashford, currently Deputy Leader of the Conservative councillor group and party spokesperson for transport has accepted a politically restricted position and so is unable to continue serving as a councillor. After over a decade on the Council, Sara says: “It has been an honour to serve the people of Selsdon and Ballards for the last 12 years. As I am taking a full-time job working in a politically restricted role, it is with sadness that I’m resigning the Conservative Whip immediately. I have loved every minute of fighting for my residents, and I know that those succeeding me will look after them well.”

Two other long-serving Selsdon and Ballards councillors are retiring at this election. Cllr Phil Thomas has worked tirelessly for his residents for 21 years. Well-known around Croydon, formidable Phil has spent decades working to clean our streets and fight fly-tipping when in the role of Cabinet Member for Streets and Environmental Services. Their colleague Cllr Dudley Mead MBE has been a councillor for 38 years, serving at various times the Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Homes. Dudley says: "It has been a pleasure to represent Selsdon and Selsdon and Ballards since 1980.  In my service of almost 38 years there are a few successes I will always remember: persuading the then GLC to spend over half a million pounds in the 1980’s on a flood alleviation scheme at Selsdon crossroads and more recently managing to build 150 new units of council accommodation on existing council-owned land.  Finally helping to steer the Croydon Council Pension Fund from being the second worst in the UK, being only 48% funded at £448m to being in the top half of the country league task at over £900m."

During her 28 years as a councillor for Heathfield ward, Cllr Margaret Mead MBE has been both the Mayor of Croydon and Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Services. Margaret says: "It has been a real honour to represent Heathfield residents since May 1990. Over the years there have been some challenges including large planning applications and the introduction of Croydon trams but also many more successes in helping people with their needs.  It has been an education for me in my interests of adult social care and primary school governor roles, but dealing with the huge amount of changes in regulations and legislations was huge.  I have learnt a great deal over the years from all those I have met and will have many fond memories of my time as a Councillor."

Cllr Sue Winborn has served as both the representative for Waddon (1982-1986) and the current Fairfield ward (2006-present) for a total of 16 years. One of the Town Hall’s most dedicated councillors, Sue’s work ethic has made her a trusted adviser to many of the residents in her ward. On standing down, Sue said: "It has been a huge privilege to serve as a councillor in Croydon for what will be 16 years when I stand down next May. I have been a passionate advocate for my constituents, working on their problems and quietly supporting them when they needed my help. Being Deputy Mayor for Croydon was a huge honour, spending time meeting so many of Croydon's residents and learning of their priceless contribution to the fabric of our town are memories I will always treasure."

With much work still to be done, retiring councillors will continue to serve their residents and campaign for a better Croydon until the new councillors are declared after the election on 3rd May 2018.

To find out the new slate of Conservative candidates, click here.


For further information about this or any other issue relating to the Conservatives in the London Borough of Croydon, please contact Tim Pollard on 020 8251 8500.

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