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27 February 2017
Croydon Council Tax rises to highest level ever as Labour's budget ‘spirals out of control’

Croydon’s Labour-run Council has tonight announced that it will be raising Council Tax in Croydon by 4.99% - taking it to the highest level in Croydon’s history.

Cllr Tim Pollard, Leader of the Conservative Councillors, said: “Croydon’s Labour-run Council voted to pass a truly frightening budget tonight. The highest council tax increase in London this year. The highest council tax ever paid in Croydon. The people of Croydon deserve better than this profligacy, they will not forget the Council is taking the money of hard-earned residents to fund their pet projects and not provide the services that we so desperately need.

“Croydon Council is spiralling out of control, there is only one thing that will stop it - that is to follow the example of Copeland and vote them out in 2018.”

Cllr Jason Cummings, Conservative Finance Spokesperson, commented: “The strategy by Labour here in Croydon is all too clear: increase the debt, increase how much it costs each year and increase Council Tax to pay for it. The really sad thing is that Labour doesn’t listen. Time and time again we’ve tried to help them, but they have refused to listen.

“No other London borough is seeing Council Tax increased by this level. Residents are asking: what’s our Council doing wrong?”

One reason for the record-level of Council Tax is that the ‘People Department’, run by Cllr Louisa Woodley, is over-budget by a gargantuan £11m. Had Labour been able to keep control of this budget alone, then there would be no need to increase Council Tax at all.

Cllr Yvette Hopley, Conservative Health Spokesperson, said: “Labour set the budget for the People Department, but Cllr Woodley has seen fit to totally ignore it, overspending by a shocking £11 million. Had she done her job, then this huge council tax rise would not have been necessary. It’s a huge dereliction of her public duty and it’s having an impact on Croydon’s most vulnerable. She needs to start attending meetings and get a grip on her department, the people of Croydon don’t deserve anything less.”

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