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25 June 2015
In spite of Labourís promises, fly tipping is on the up

Labour made great claims in last year's local election about how much fly tipping there was and how they would sort it out if elected. One year on, what has changed? Not a lot, and the figures show that rather than fly tipping going down, it has actually risen sharply, writes Cllr Phil Thomas, shadow cabinet member for cleaner, greener Croydon.

In the last year of the Conservative administration there were 15108 fly tipping incidents reported. In 2014/15 the figures went up to 21,293. That is a 42% increase.

Remember all the promises Labour made that their number one priority would be sorting out fly tipping? On their watch Croydon has become the fly tipping capital of London. Tippers are clearly not frightened off by the talk-tough rhetoric and that is reflected in the huge increase in the fly tipping figures recorded.

The epidemic of fly tipping has been made worse by the botched move to a rubbish collection ‘village system’, with rubbish piling up in our streets and the figures going through the roof. Labour has no new answers and the figures for removing fly tipping will get even worse now that they have cut 3 lorries from collecting the fly tipping reported.

Yet again this Labour Council makes the wrong choices, wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds on their vanity projects whilst they fail to tackle the fly tipping epidemic. Last week it was reported that the Post Office would not deliver mail to some parts of London Road, Norbury, as there were rats the size of cats roaming the uncollected rubbish piled up behind the shops there.

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