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11 February 2015
Boris agrees to cost moving main Croydon stations from Zone 5 to Zone 4

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has agreed to investigate the cost of moving East and West Croydon stations into Zone 4.

Two of Croydon’s MPs, including Conservative Gavin Barwell, are backing a campaign to move East and West Croydon stations from zone 5 to zone 4. The switch could cut fares for Croydon residents who commute to central London, with savings of up to £336 a year for an annual Travelcard.

Gavin recently met with Boris Johnson and our GLA representative, Steve O’Connell to discuss the idea. 

There is a precedent with Stratford station recently having been rezoned to help secure the Olympic legacy, but any change would have to have a strong financial case as it requires the agreement of both the Government and the train operating companies. 

Gavin Barwell, Member of Parliament for Croydon Central, said: “In essence, the argument would have to be that the redevelopment of Croydon is going to lead to many more people coming here and the extra income from these journeys would offset the cost of lower fares as a result of the stations being in zone 4 not zone 5.”

Boris has now written to Gavin offering to look into the idea. In the letter, the Mayor says:

“I do accept that there are some analogies between Stratford and the regeneration of Croydon and its hinterland and to create a new pole for jobs and prosperity in south London. The continuing growth in London's population and the increasing congestion on the radial network make this look like the right thing to do. As agreed at the meeting, TfL will investigate the potential cost of rezoning East and West Croydon stations and I will write to you again… to confirm the outcome of TfL's work.”

Steve O'Connell, GLAMember, says “I am really pleased that Boris has taken up this issue and agreed to get TfL to do the detailed costing work we need to back up our case. Gavin and I will continue to work with others to make the case for Croydon’s hard pressed commuters.” 

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