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28 October 2014
Fighting for a fairer deal for Croydon commuters

‘Zone4Croydon’ – a campaign to rezone East and West Croydon stations from London’s Zone 5 travel area into Zone 4 – has the support of Gavin Barwell MP, Croydon North Parliamentary Candidate Vidhi Mohan and GLA Member Steve O’Connell. 

The campaign, initiated by Croydon Labour's Steve Reed and Sarah Jones, calls on London Mayor Boris Johnson to redesignate Croydon’s town-centre train stations into a ‘more affordable zone for commuters, shoppers and residents’.

East and West Croydon are both in Zone 5. A seven-day Travelcard covering zones 1-5 costs £53.40 while the cost for zones 1-4 is just £45, a difference of £8.40 a week. An annual Travelcard for zones 1-5 costs commuters £2,136 while the equivalent cost for zones 1-4 is £336.00 a year less at £1,800.

The campaign calls for East and West Croydon to be moved to sit on the boundary of zone 4/5.

Gavin Barwell, Member of Parliament for Croydon Central, says: “I fully support any initiative that reduces the spiraling costs for commuters in Croydon.

“Whilst I agree with the principle behind the campaign, if you look at the current Transport for London zones, other parts of south London that are a similar distance from central London such as Sutton, Cheam and West Wickham are also in zone 5. It’s not credible to pretend that this is just a Croydon problem – and indeed it’s in our interests to involve other areas that are similarly unfairly treated.

“That’s why Steve O’Connell and I have requested a meeting with TfL Director Sir Peter Hendy and Mayor Boris Johnson to seek their support for a review of the zone boundaries.”

Steve O’Connell, Greater London Authority Member for Croydon and Sutton, says: “The concern that Steve and Sarah are showing for the plight of commuters is admirable, and we all want to help alleviate the costly burden of public transport.

“That’s why I think it’s important that we get the thinking behind this campaign right. Firstly, they are wrong to suggest that the Mayor of London controls this area, in actual fact it’s run by the Department for Transport and not Boris Johnson and second, as Gavin says, it’s not just Croydon that finds itself on the wrong side of the zone boundary.

“I’ll be working with Gavin and Steve to get Boris Johnson to add his weight to our call for the rezoning to take place. Hopefully we can then all work together to secure the DfT directive to make it happen.”

Croydon North Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservatives, Vidhi Mohan, says "Some Croydon North residents have access to the cheaper fares of more northerly stations, but those using West Croydon Station are caught by the Zone 5 fares. It's a complex issue to resolve, but I fully agree that a more equitable fare zoning around the fringes of London would be a great benefit to Croydon North's residents and I wholeheartedly support this campaign".

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