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01 May 2014
Crime down nearly 10% in Croydon

New statistics show Croydon has become a safer place over the past year, with 3,000 fewer offences reported in the borough compared to the previous twelve months.

This is a 9.5% reduction and reflects a pattern of improving public safety across London.

Robbery and gun crime have been significantly cut, with falls of 26% and 30% respectively. Meanwhile burglary is down by 8% and motor vehicle crime is down by 5%.

A range of operations have contributed to these reductions including high-visibility days of police and council enforcement action, a focus on illegal road-users and criminals on the roads, and the targeting of robbery and mobile phone theft in the borough.

Simon Hoar, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Waddon councillor said; “These are really good encouraging results for Croydon. To see crime coming down is something we all want to see happen in Croydon and is being achieved through the good work of the Police and the partnership work we do with them as a Conservative Council.

"To see these figures proves the benefit of the Met’s plan to get Police Officers out on the street rather than stuck behind a counter, something the Conservatives supported and Labour opposed, and shows how the extra 117 Police Officers delivered in Croydon by the Conservative Mayor and Council is making a real impact on our town”.

Croydon Borough Commander Chief Superintendent David Musker said: "The fact that overall crime has come down is clearly good news for everyone in Croydon. I'm particularly pleased with the reductions that we've seen in burglary and robbery and the challenge now will be to maintain and build upon this success. 

"My officers have worked extremely hard and these results are the culmination of their efforts of the past year. I'm extremely proud of the work that they do to keep people safe in Croydon on a daily basis."

Response times to the most urgent 'I-grade' emergency calls have also been better than the national target with 94% of Croydon’s calls responded to in under 15 minutes, compared to the national target of 90%.

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