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14 October 2013
Conservative council launches new blitz on fly-tiping

Fly-tippers beware, as a range of initiatives to combat fly-tipping are launched, says cabinet member for Highways and Environmental Services, Cllr Phil Thomas.

Fly-tipping is a problem that continues to plague some parts of our borough by a small number of law breakers who think its acceptable to dump their waste in our streets.

This Council has already made improvements in enforcement - including significant increases in the number of Fixed Penalty Notices issued. We have already given out 207 from April to September 2013 compared to 87 for the whole of last year.

I am pleased to be able to announce that we are about to get even tougher as we support our residents and communities in tackling this issue.

An additional budget of 100,000 has been made available for a range of initiatives that will clamp down on this anti-social and criminal activity.

Over the next six months well be carrying a series of multi-agency operations targeting known hot-spots in local neighbourhoods.

A short-term contract with a private security firm will put more officers on the streets to provide us with the evidence we need to issue fixed penalties or seek prosecutions.

In a number of areas we will be working with the local community to look at alternative solutions such as the provision of new waste storage facilities, installation of CCTV or offering advice on recycling to local residents and businesses.

This decision will also enable us to invest 20,000 to provide more lockable gates to private alleyways and service roads to stop them being used as dumping grounds.

All of this is on top of investment that has already been agreed which includes 30,000 on new covert surveillance devices dedicated to catching fly-tippers in the act.

We recognise that action needs to be taken and we are an Administration of action.

This sends out a very clear message to anyone who thinks it is acceptable to break the law and just dump waste in our borough you will be caught, fined and if you use a vehicle we will find you and crush it.

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