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 Improving our schools and the lives of children

Here you will find some of the key stories about the Conservative Council's work in family support, early intervention and our support for (and sometimes challenge to) our schools in delivering better educational outcomes for for our young people.

‘A lack of urgency’ – over a year and still Croydon Council leaves too many vulnerable children in harm’s way  26/10/2018
‘Drift and delay’: Labour-run Croydon Council still letting down our most vulnerable residents  02/08/2018
‘Inadequate in too many cases’ – Croydon’s vulnerable children still at risk  13/05/2018
 Other Education and Family Support Stories
21/02/2018 Local young people to ‘express through rhythm and rhyme’ thanks to councillor funding
30/01/2018 Whistle-blower reveals Croydon’s Labour Council ‘knew about serious failings which left children at risk as far back as 2016’ – and blew three chances to stop it.
23/12/2017 Croydon still needs outside help to fix failing social care service, says Government
14/09/2017 Croydon schools receive biggest funding increase in London
09/09/2016 Grammar schools allowed to open again
20/07/2016 Disadvantaged pupils miss funding in Croydon
16/12/2014 'Spinderella' - the spin continues......
03/12/2014 Building on school playing fields: Labour does U-turn (or does it?)
02/12/2014 Pantomime season in full swing as Labour’s spin machine goes into meltdown
18/11/2014 Labour's disgraceful plan to sell off school playing fields
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