Intro: Clean & Green

We all know fly-tipping in the borough has got much, much worse, and the data backs it up: since Labour took over the Town Hall fly-tipping has rocketed by 64%. The London average is only 12%. Croydon’s recycling rate has plummeted and street sweeping services have been reduced.

The Evidence

The recycling rate was 42% when the Conservatives left office. Three years later it was 38% and we had gone from being one of the best performers in London to one of the worst.

There were 15,000 recorded fly tips in 2014, compared to almost 25,000 in 2017: that’s a 65% increase in only three years.

Croydon Conservatives regularly help the council out by doing their own fly tip patrol. This typically yields 1,000-1,500 fly tips recorded in a single day
Labour has recently halved the number of street sweepers keeping our streets clean.

When Labour ran for election in 2014 they promised to Croydon that they’d get a grip on fly-tipping in Croydon. Their own data shows that they have comprehensively failed.


Cleaning up our town

The Council needs to be more proactive, rather than sitting back and relying on you to report problems. That’s why we have detailed and practical plans to take the fight to the fly-tippers:

We will invest in motorised teams of ‘Fly Tip Busters’ who will tour the borough looking for fly tips, excess litter, graffiti, badly maintained verges and all the other annoyances which infuriate residents. Their vehicle will be able to report back in real-time on what needs doing and a central system will send collection teams along quickly to do the actual clearing.

The same teams will serve enforcement notices on owners of land who allow the place to be used as a dump, but will also proactively clear fly tips which are close to the highway and will charge the land-owner for it.

Mobile CCTV will be used at fly tipping hot spots to catch offenders.
Rewards will be offered for information leading to the conviction of fly tippers.

We will cease the idiotic council practice of fining people who try to use the recycling centres, find the bins are full and leave the stuff next to them – this is not fly tipping, this is residents trying to do the right thing!

We’ll give £10 back each time a bin collection is missed and, contrary to Labour’s scare story in their recent leaflets, we will NOT move to a monthly (or other reduced) bin collection.

We will maintain the current green waste service and operate it all year round (no break in service in the winter).

We will also have ‘green waste days’ in key district centres where residents can bring their green waste for free disposal at regular intervals in the summer, so residents don’t have to run the gauntlet of the crowds in the recycling centres in the summer months.

We will intensify efforts to find and recycle plastics, support schemes to reduce usage of plastic-lined drinks cups and one-use bottles and promote public drinking water fountains where practicable. We will remove all single use plastics from Council run facilities

We will introduce a scheme whereby every household will be entitled to three free bulky waste collections per year, which can include white goods.

We will allow those landlords who have registered their properties to access free collections of bulky waste when tenants leave mess in the property, to save it ending up on the street.

The bulk of the fly tipping in our borough is north of the town centre, where it is also the most inconvenient to get to a nearby recycling centre. We will seek a site for an intermediate recycling centre (in the absence of any obvious location for a large one) to ensure that the most commonly fly-tipped items can be disposed of without going to Factory Lane. We will retain a New Addington full recycling facility alongside those at Purley Oaks and Factory Lane.

We will review street cleaning frequencies to ensure that all streets are kept clean.

We will reintroduce regular gully cleansing and tree pruning to keep our streets looking cared for.

We will come down hard on contractors who fail to meet their obligations – for example the verge cutting, which has been terrible for years.

We will include these essential street services amongst those things which local forums can adjust to better suit local needs – for example spending more on street sweeping in key areas, if that’s what residents want.

We are committed to encouraging good quality public art on buildings whilst also cracking down on graffiti, which is criminal damage. We will aim to ensure that all art is positioned so it does not encourage ‘me too’ graffiti, in the way that (say) the hoardings around Taberner House do. In this example the art is well positioned to minimise 'me too' tags.


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